Wika Pressure Gauges
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Wika Forberg is a Wika Stocking Distributor

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 Forberg Scientific  was established in 1971 as a distributor / manufacturers representative organization with a passion for customer service and innovative problem solving.  Forberg has been a stocking Wika for over 20 years.  We currently stock 100's of Wika products  from pressure gauges and temperature gauges to digital versions, pressure and temperature transmitters, diaphragm seals, and thermowells.  You can purchase these Wika and other products online at www.forberg.com and also contact us 248-288-5330 and email mechanicalsales@forberg.com.

Most common Wika Pressure Gauges sold at Forberg Scientific


 WIKA XSEL Process Gauge Series
The Wika XSEL process gauge series has been designed for pressure applications found in today's gruelling refining, petrochemical & chemical plants.  Over the last few years, few upgrades have been done in processing plants, yet producers have been required to increase capacity with existing equipment. Due to this strain, plants have increased stress on their systems and operating units. Higher pulsating pressures and heavy mechanically induced vibrations are translating to all areas of the processing equipment, especially pressure instrumentation.

Wika 111.10 Pressure Gauge 

 Wika 111.10 Commercial / Utility Pressure Gauges

WIKA Type 111.10 standard pressure gauges are designed for long and reliable service under rugged conditions.  Some typical applications for these pressure gauges are for pumps, hydraulic and pneumatic systems, compressors, as a contractor's pressure gauge, and for many other applications where the measured media does not corrode brass.

Wika 111.12 Pressure Gauge 

Wika 111.12 Commercial / Utility Pressure Gauges

WIKA Type 111.12 pressure gauges feature a black plastic case, snap-in plastic window, and a center back mount (CBM) rear connection. With an industry recognized ASME 3/2/3% of span accuracy, WIKA Type 111.12 pressure gauges are the industry standard in the commercial pressure gauge line. Available in a variety of sizes, mounting styles and optional configurations.  WIKA Type 111.12 pressure gauges are suitable for many tough applications including regulators, medical, pneumatic controllers, compressors, valve positioners, and pumps.
 Wika 212.53 Pressure Gauge  
Wika 212.53 Dry Industrial Pressure Gauges
WIKA Type 212.53 pressure gauges feature a stainless steel case for protection in harsh environments. The o-ring seal around the connection makes this pressure gauge field liquid fillable.  When filled the model number changes to Type 213.53 which makes this pressure gauge excellent for high vibration and pulsation applications.
 Wika 213.53 Pressure Gauge Wika 213.53 Liquid Filled Industrial Pressure Gauges

WIKA Type 213.53 pressure gauges feature a stainless steel case for protection in harsh environments. The o-ring seal around the connection makes this pressure gauge field liquid fillable. When filled, the WIKA Type 213.53 is excellent for high vibration and pulsation applications.

Wika 23X.34 Pressure Gauge 
Wika 232.34 & 233.34 Process Pressure Gauges

WIKA Type 232.34 & 233.34 process pressure gauges are specifically designed for the chemical and petroleum processing industries. Their rugged construction is designed to withstand vibration, corrosive media and corrosive environments, and a wide range of temperatures. The WIKA 232.34 & 233.34 process pressure gauges
will deliver years of accurate service.

Please contact us if you do not find the Wika pressure gauge you are looking for.

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